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Enhance and aid your self-care rituals with products that deliver a renewed sense of personal wellbeing.

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    Plush Robe

    S-M | M-L | L-XL
    Wrap yourself in spa-like comfort with the same robe that can be found in our endota spa locations. Its full length, relaxed-style fit ensures comf...
  • endota Live Well

    Vegan Dry Body Brush

    For an invigorating way to exfoliate your body, brush and buff your skin with our Vegan Dry Body Brush. Dry and dead skin cells will be sloughed aw...
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    Ceramic Mood Lamp

    Create your own home haven with the subtle, dappled light of our Ceramic Mood Lamp. Designed for calm, the oval-shaped lamp offers a relaxing envir...
  • endota Live Well

    Jade Roller

    A skincare essential for some, beauty’s best-kept secret to others. Discover the power of this ancient beauty tool – the jade facial roller. Enjoy ...
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    Ceramic Mini Mood Lamp

    Create your own home haven with the subtle, dappled light of our Ceramic Mini Mood Lamp – the smaller, more compact design of our much-loved larger...
  • At Home

    Cleansing Smudge Stick

    A space filled with positive energy starts with positive intention. Our cleansing smudge stick supports you in those intentions – helping you to es...
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    Essential Oil Burner

    True wellbeing is found when you treat all of your senses to moments of kindness and care. Your sense of smell is no exception – and with our ceram...
  • Face

    Vegan Face Mask Brush

    It’s true what they say: skincare is self-care. Especially when it involves a cosy night in with a luxurious face mask. This face mask fan brush...
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    Plush Slippers

    Make every step you take a comfortable one. Featuring a padded sole to ensure these plush slippers deliver ultimate comfort and support to keep you...
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    Canvas Bag

    Keep your gym bag organised or travel in style with our Canvas Bag. This 100% cotton canvas bag features an easily accessible exterior pocket, a re...
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    endota Headband

    Even the smaller touches can help to bring the endota Spa experience home. Like our stylish microfibre headband, which we use to help tuck away hai...
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    Cork Cylinder Roller

    30cm x 10cm
    Consider the Cork Cylinder Roller as your personal massage assistant. Complement the positive benefits of your professional remedial treatment with...
  • endota Rest & Restore

    Cork Peanut Roller

    7 x 15cm
    Perfectly shaped for muscular relief. The clever curves of the Cork Peanut Roller can help to reduce pain and muscle tension, from soreness in the ...
  • endota Ranges

    Trigger Point Ball

    6cm diameter
    Target the point of recovery and relief. The Trigger Point Ball uses a small surface area to hone a single point of pressure, providing targeted re...
  • At Home

    Silk Sleep Mask

    Escape the day with this luxuriously soft, silk sleep mask. The perfect travel companion or meditation support and the ideal way to block the light...
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