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Experience a deep sense of renewal and aromatic bliss with a relaxation massage treatment  – where you can unwind from the stresses of daily life and enjoy time-out to care just for you. The healing power of massage is both profound and simple. Physical touch not only nurtures the body, it also calms the mind and revives the senses. Using pure essential oils and natural replenishing body oils, every therapist has received expert training to deliver a deeply relaxing treatment with our signature sequence of movements. Designed to specially soothe and recharge, a relaxation massage will help restore harmony and encourage wellbeing.

Known to promote the capacity to relax, a full body massage boosts feel-good endorphins and decreases the stress hormone, cortisol. A regular health-giving massage may also improve circulation, lower anxiety, release tension and bring out a natural glow to your skin.

Discover the relaxation massage treatment that will best nourish you today.

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    Relax Express Massage

    30 Mins
    Focusing on the neck, back and shoulders this massage will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and restored as tensions melt away. Pressure: Light -...
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    Organic Relax Massage

    60 Mins
    Feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated as stress and tensions melt from the body. Your mind will be calmer and senses awakened, restoring feelings of ...
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    Rest & Restore Massage

    60 Mins
    You will feel relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated. Combining the healing properties of massage with our invigorating scrub, Rest & Restore works ...
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    Soothing Stones Massage

    80 Mins
    You’ll leave feeling rested, centred and energised. Deep muscle relaxation promotes healing and improves vitality inducing an overall feeling of we...
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    Couples Massage

    60 Mins
    Reconnect with yourself and one another during this relaxing 1-hour massage experience. Enjoy some quality time as our professional therapists ease...
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