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    Deep Hydration Moisturiser

    20ml | 50ml
    Nothing renews and nourishes as powerfully as nature. Bursting with botanical ingredients, this richly textured moisturiser features avocado, amla ...
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    Plush Slippers

    Make every step you take a comfortable one. Featuring a padded sole to ensure these plush slippers deliver ultimate comfort and support to keep you...
  • At Home

    Mindful Moments Gift Pack

    Combining the best of aromatherapy in a gift-ready box, our Mindful Moments pack contains our beautiful Essential Oil Diffuser and best-selling Sig...
  • endota Organics

    Intense Moisture Mask

    20ml | 50gm
    Plump skin means youthful-looking skin. Treat your complexion to an intensive moisture boost and dial up a healthy-looking glow. This luxuriously r...
  • Accessories & Tools

    Canvas Bag

    Keep your gym bag organised or travel in style with our Canvas Bag. This 100% cotton canvas bag features an easily accessible exterior pocket, a re...
  • Accessories & Tools

    Reversible Bucket Hat

    A timeless trend that’s perfect for the holiday season - and any day after that, too. Elevate your style with our limited edition Reversible Bucket...
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    Lemon Peel & Sage Body Cleanser

    20ml | 180ml
    An all-over body wash with an energising tang. Awaken your senses with the heady scent of sage and zesty lemon aspen, an Australian native citrus r...
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    Prana Candle | Jade – Breathe

    Breathe it all in, love it all out. Crisp peppermint leaves balanced with eucalyptus & a hint of lavender. Contains a Jade crystal.
  • endota Live Well

    Awaken & Unwind Shower Steamer Set

    Rise and shine with our Awaken Shower Steamer, or calm body and mind with our Unwind scent. Either way, this handmade gift set has everything you n...
  • endota Organics

    Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk

    20ml | 100ml | 250ml
    A smooth, velvety complexion starts with a creamy cleanser. Infused with soothing calendula, enriching cocoa butter and native lilly pilly, this mo...
  • Products

    endota Headband

    Even the smaller touches can help to bring the endota Spa experience home. Like our stylish microfibre headband, which we use to help tuck away hai...
  • Gifting

    Shopping Tote

    Whether you’re heading out for a trip to the shops, a visit to the beach, or you need to pack a few essentials for an overnight holiday stay, this ...
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    peptide 8 hyaluronic serum

    10ml | 30ml
    Meet the supercharged peptide serum that isn’t just changing skin for the better. It’s redefining anti-ageing skincare entirely. Bursting with bota...
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    Power Serum Sheet Mask

    Individual - 25ml | 4 pack - 4 x 25ml
    From the moment this ultra-softening sheet mask touches your face, your skin will be infused with a potent cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients. And...
  • Gifting

    Skin Saver Pack

    It’s time to protect your skin from that summer sunshine. This exclusive holiday pack is the ultimate skin saver including our premium natural mine...
  • endota Organics

    Purifying Cleansing Gel

    20ml | 100ml | 250ml
    Intense purification by removing impurities and delivered daily in a gentle gel. If clogged pores or acne-prone skin are a continuing problem, a re...
  • endota Nurture

    Baby Essentials Gift Set

    For new parents who deserve a special gift (or four), our Baby Essentials gift set is generously filled with our most-loved, certified organic baby...
  • At Home

    Travel Diffuser Kit

    Bring a touch of the spa to the car, the office, a holiday destination or anywhere else your day takes you, with our Travel Diffuser Kit – a holida...
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    Triple Action Exfoliator

    20ml | 90ml
    Ready to get serious about achieving smoother-looking skin? Here are three reasons to love our Triple Action Exfoliator. Delicate jojoba beads, bam...
  • Products

    Bath Moments Duo

    Gently cleanse and moisturise your little one’s skin with this mindfully made Bath Moments Duo. Our perfect pair has been carefully formulated for ...
  • Women's Health

    The Peninsula

    We’re committed to inspiring people to connect with themselves and make their sexual wellbeing as much of a priority as they do other areas of well...
  • Moisturiser

    Vanilla & Macadamia Body Drink

    20ml | 180ml
    Enhance the texture of your skin, from dry to dewy. Our bestselling body drink quenches thirsty skin with a blend of deeply moisturising, clean org...
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    Nail File & Orange Stick Kit

    A perfectly polished, DIY manicure is easier than you think – all you need is the right tools. File, buff and shape your nails, and care for your c...
  • Accessories & Tools

    Plush Robe

    S-M | M-L | L-XL
    Wrap yourself in spa-like comfort with the same robe that can be found in our endota spa locations. Its full length, relaxed-style fit ensures comf...
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