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Trigger Point Ball

6cm diameter



Target the point of recovery and relief. The Trigger Point Ball uses a small surface area to hone a single point of pressure, providing targeted relief of deeply stored tension and localised pain. Keep this self-care tool on-hand to boost the benefits following your professional remedial treatment. Helping to alleviate a range of muscle-related issues, including headaches and back pain, as well as sports injuries.

Healthy by design   Cork is a natural choice for our range of Self-Massage Tools. This sustainable material is strong, resilient, and estimated to retain millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide due to careful harvesting practices. With non-absorbent and anti-microbial properties, cork is a clean choice for both the body and the environment.

How to use

Place the ball against point of pain or tension. Roll around to massage area, working into muscles to relax and relieve.


100% natural cork

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