Detox Spa Package

1 hour


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Your Treatment

Your skin will feel smoother, well hydrated and deeply renewed – leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

This invigorating body treatment offers a fusion of skin-polishing exfoliation and purifying clay, designed to improve your circulation and eliminate toxins.

Your Experience

Begin the hour with a relaxing foot soak, followed by dry body exfoliation. Buffing the skin removes spent cells and stimulates blood flow, allowing our purifying organic ingredients to absorb deep into the skin. A warm clay body cocoon draws out impurities and encourages toxins to be dispelled, as you enjoy a soothing scalp and face massage. Enjoy a relaxing body moisturisation with our skin-quenching Vanilla and Macadamia Body Drink to finish your treatment.

Your Consultation

Your appointment includes a professional consultation to understand your specific needs and concerns with your qualified therapist. Total appointment time is 60 minutes.

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