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Cork Peanut Roller

7 x 15cm



Perfectly shaped for muscular relief. The clever curves of the Cork Peanut Roller can help to reduce pain and muscle tension, from soreness in the neck to the arch of the foot. A grooved design makes this cork roller especially ideal for massaging along the spine, while keeping bones gently cupped. An excellent self-care tool that extends the positive benefits of your in-spa remedial massage. Enjoy ongoing relief to shoulders, lower legs, and wherever your body needs extra care and attention. Comes with a handy carry bag for added mobility.

Healthy by design   Cork is a natural choice for our range of Self-Massage Tools. This sustainable material is strong, resilient, and estimated to retain millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide due to careful harvesting practices. With non-absorbent and anti-microbial properties, cork is a clean choice for both the body and the environment


How to use

Gently move muscular roller along the body, increasing pressure as required. Use against the wall for a gentler massage, or lay on your back for more intense relief.


100% natural cork

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