Women's Health

We believe that personal care is fundamental to self-care, which is why we‘ve developed products to help you get to know your body better.

Our personal care range products are delicate, pH balanced and free from hidden synthetic chemicals. This means that they’re comfortable and safe to use, and don’t interfere with your body’s ecology (because we know that mother nature knows best).

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  • Women's Health

    The Peninsula

    We’re committed to inspiring people to connect with themselves and make their sexual wellbeing as much of a priority as they do other areas of well...
  • Women's Health

    Breast Oil

    A moisture nourishing massage oil, formulated to use as part of your optimal breast health ritual. This oil is designed to encourage breast examina...
  • endota Organics

    Intimate Wash

    Traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the vaginal pH balance, causing irritation and discomfort. endota Organics feminine wash has been car...
  • endota Nurture

    Moisture Rich Belly Butter

    Keep stretching skin feeling soft & supple and help banish itch with this velvety soft, easily-absorbed cream. A Certified Organic must-have fo...
  • endota Nurture

    Nourishing Nipple Balm

    Revive and restore dry or cracked skin with this smoothly-textured multi-purpose balm. Formulated specifically for breastfeeding mothers using trus...
  • Body

    Protecting Barrier Balm

    A multi-purpose protecting barrier balm, suitable for babies and adult skin. Protect baby’s sensitive skin from acidic moisture as you strengthen a...
  • Products

    Calming Sleep Mist

    Create an atmosphere of calm that encourages rest and peaceful relaxation with this delicate, multi-purpose sleep mist, infused with pure lavender ...
  • Products

    Gentle Baby Bath & Body Wash

    Gently cleanse and condition baby’s delicate skin as you nurture a healthy pH with this soap-free, Certified Organic all-in-one shampoo, body wash ...
  • endota Nurture

    Gentle Baby Lotion

    Provide a gentle, protective moisture that nourishes baby’s delicate skin with this Certified Natural and 100% non-toxic lotion.   Certified organi...
  • Products

    Mother & Baby Bucket Bag

    Stylishly stow all those daily essentials for you and baby in this sturdy canvas bucket bag, the ideal companion on the go. With a detachable canva...
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