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Balancing Face Moisturiser



Caring for oily skin can be a delicate balancing act, but doesn’t have to be a major skincare hurdle. Our organic balancing moisturiser tips the scale in your favour, caring for your complexion with a soothing, featherlight touch. Packed with nature’s antioxidants grapeseed and aloe vera, this versatile daily facial lotion assists in calming the appearance of your skin while delivering an optimal amount of moisturising nourishment. Its easily absorbed clean formula is designed to visibly reduce redness, smooth texture and promote elasticity to improve the skin’s appearance.

Our Clean Beauty Commitment
Gentle and nurturing, our Balancing Face Moisturiser is Australian made from pure and natural ingredients, providing a wealth of replenishment for sensitive or oil-prone complexions. This organic moisturiser is transported with fully recyclable materials, arriving in recycled and responsibly produced packaging – helping to achieve a healthy balance with the planet, as well as your skin.

How to use

Everyday ritual: Apply daily to clean skin, focussing on face and neck. Take care to avoid eye area. After cleansing, toning and serum use a pea size amount and dab directly to the face and neck area then gentle massage into your skin. Avoiding the eye are.

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